12” Nitrile Sulfur Free Cleanroom Glove (5.7g)


A cleanroom is an environment with a controlled level of contamination: dust, microbes, and aerosol particles, to prevent damage to the product during production. In semiconductors, microelectronics, and biotechnology, a particle 200 times smaller than a human hair can lead to expensive failures.

Cleanroom Gloves are essential for maintaining cleanliness and precision in controlled environments. Designed with stringent cleanliness standards in mind, these gloves offer superior protection against contamination and particulate matter. Crafted from high-quality materials, they provide exceptional tactile sensitivity and dexterity, allowing for precise handling of delicate components and materials.

Product Features: 

  • Finger-textured glove surface
  • 300mm length; 12 inch
  • Sulfur free
  • Fingerprint free (Optional Features)
  • Tacky/high tacky (Optional Features)
  • Class 1000
  • Packing Mode: 100pcs/Double Vacuum pack, 10 Packs/ Ctn


 Recommended for: 

  • Electronic industry
  • Optical device production
  • Semiconductor chip manufacturing
  • Biotechnology pharmaceutical
  • Solar photovoltaic manufacturing
  • Aerospace engineering
Product Type
Translucent White
XS, XL, S, M, L

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