protective solutions for every industry


The healthcare industry requires the highest level of protection. Maintaining particular cleanliness is essential for the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. The hands is one of the primary route of transmission of pathogens, hence the main way to prevent infections is to use the correct type of disposable single-use gloves.


Our hands are the basic tool for works performed in light/heavy industry. When working in light/heavy industries, protective gears are necessary, in addition to mechanical injuries, exposure to strong chemicals, lubricants, low or high temperatures, sharp tools and heavy objects. It is our duty to protect them in everyday tasks and activities.

F&B Industry

When handling food, make sure that gloves are labelled as Food Contact Material and are therefore food safe. It is also important that the gloves used in food processing be textured, ensuring a secure grip – even in wet, greasy or humid conditions.


Protective gloves are suitable for housework such as washing dishes, cleaning the oven, cleaning toilets, as well as works at home, garden work, and garage work. Please note that gloves made of natural latex may cause skin allergy. When working in wet conditions, textured gloves would provide a better grip.

Beauty industry

Using the appropriate gloves offers comfort and tactile sensitivity, and also provides an effective protective barrier and safety for you and your clients.

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