Bergamot is a leading provider of disposable medical and personal protective equipment. With extensive knowledge and experience, we utilize the latest technologies, materials and agile processes into producing the highest quality products.
Responding to the market needs efficiently is what drives us to become the first choice for safety and protection equipment. We’re always a step ahead in understanding our clients’ needs & creating demand for the best solutions.
With every solution we develop, we create value to our customers by meeting and exceeding the required safety standards and customer’s expectations. The main priority in our solutions is to make sure that it is designed to safeguard and help the people.
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With over 30 years of experience

Bergamot stands as an industry leader with 30 years of experience, specializing in medical disposables and PPE through a robust supply chain. Our expertise meets market demands with innovative products tailored for modern work environments, maintaining a steadfast commitment to product integrity. We strive for excellence, aiming for top satisfaction in both domestic and international markets by continuously improving our products, services, and infrastructure. Our diverse product line includes various types of gloves, face masks, disinfectants, and other essential medical supplies.

As a leader in disposable protective solutions, we design, source, develop, and manufacture a wide range of disposable protective solutions that meets the ever-changing market needs. Based on our core mantra of ‘Where Requirements Meet Perfection”, we have always delivered perfect solutions that meets top safety, reliability, and quality standards – which is why our products are trusted by professionals in more than 32 countries.

Bergamot Headquarters

At Bergamot, We dedicate our passion, expertise and talent to deliver solutions that safeguard people’s health and well being.

Chin Tze Kai, Managing Director

Why Bergamot ?

Bergamot has established highly organized, flexible, strong, yet still sustainable supply chains that goes the extra mile to develop and deploy the right solutions for the environment. As a leader in disposable protective solutions, we design, source, develop, and manufacture a wide range of disposable protective solutions that meets the ever-changing market needs. We strive to create a safer and more protected world – Whether at home or at work.

We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing, and building strong business relationships.

With our manufacturing capabilities plus our extensive network to bring quality products with highly competitive pricing to the market.

We delivers a continuously growing range of the highest quality and most innovative products.

Our products serve industries ranging from healthcare, industrial, beauty, food & beverage, automotive, and much more.

We currently produce medical-grade gloves and face masks from our state-of-the-art facilities in Malaysia.

What our partners say ?

The services provided are very prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. The gloves chosen fit the need that it was selected for.
Dr Varocs J
Purchasing Manager (USA)
The glove is wonderful; I can keep them on and has my hand protected all the time during my task, save me heaps by not having any scars my hand and fingers.
Kelly Nguyen
Bea & Ty Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Australia)
Our production team loves them!! I have just ordered some more and will have to keep ordering. These disposable products seem to be very helpful in our QC process.
Michael L
Production Manager (China)

Our Commitment

At Bergamot, we are proud to offer our partners a flexible range of best-in-class services to cater to all forms of requirements.  When you partner with us, you’re working with a highly experienced team who delivers on your specific requirements. We believe in building long term relationships and through our ongoing commitment to honesty, standards,  innovation, and sustainability.

Bergamot is your partner of choice.