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Bergamot is a globally trusted service provider

Our mission is to support partners by creating fantastic fully compliant products that passes inspection and is delivered on time.

The industries we serve

From broad volume based medical industries to niche specialized industries. 

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Household Industry


Industrial Industry


F&B Industry


Beauty Industry


Automotive Industry


The services we offer

From responsible sourcing of products to providing turn-key solutions.

Responsible sourcing

From the well-being of workers throughout the supply chain, the environmental impact of manufacturing, to your expectations for ethically sourced, sustainable products. We work to understand the compliance and sustainability requirements to execute strategies that alleviate any risks in the supply sources.

Inspection services

Our team of experts will represent you to ensure quality and consistency by inspections and factory audits to ensure your order fulfills your requirements, ensuring the quality is not compromised and being shipped from a trusted source. 

Supply chain management

Apart from the individual core services above, we also offer a full Supply Chain Management solution that covers the entire chain of producing gloves & masks, from responsible sourcing, production management, quality assessment, to logistics support.

Turn-key partnerships

Going beyond just the Supply Chain Management solution, our Turn-Key solution allows for strategic partnership discussions to take place.